Pension Fund & General Info

Officers and Directors


  • Steve Hardin President Pro Tem 4913 Duncan Wood Drive Duluth, GA 30096, (770) 447-4877
  • Mark Holder, First Vice President, 21 Whipporwill Lane SE, White GA 30184, (770) 601-5850
  • Trisha Martenn, Treasurer, 4786 Edith Place Lilburn, GA 30047, (770) 921-7661
  • Charlie Craig, Secretary, 1117 Forest Glen, Jonesboro, GA 30238, (404) 844-9405


Fire Pension Fund administrator:
Zenith American Solutions
100 Crescent Centre Parkway
Suite 400
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone = 770-934-3953

  • Bill Brockman, 2088 Rando Lane, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30318 - 404-351-4879
  • Unfilled


General Pension Fund administrator:
GEM Group
225 Peachtree Street
Suite 1460
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone = 404-525-4191

  • Zack Collins, 907 Beech Valley Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122, (770) 948-0611
  • Carl King, 2805 Cedar Brook Drive, Marietta, GA 30066, (770) 425-043


Police Pension Fund administrator:
Zenith American Solutions
100 Crescent Centre Parkway
Suite 400
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone = 770-934-3953

  • W. R. Harber, 55 Huntwood Dr., SE, Smyrna, GA 30082-2408, (770) 435-5063
  • Alex Keeney 1022 Flagg Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30044, (404) 861-3859




Contact for pension and insurance matters after the death of a family member: Charlie Craig - 404-844-9405

Pension Funds' Participants


NOTE: The following numbers are not the most up-to-date numbers for each respective pension fund and are being provided for informational purposes only. The numbers were a “snapshot in time.” However, they are close enough to the actual numbers to establish a contextual understanding for the reader.   


General Employees Pension Fund membership (The City + School System)

“The City”

3,848 = retirees and beneficiaries

1,683 = active / fully vested

   834 = active / partially vested

   642 = active / non-vested

TOTAL “The City” = approximately 7,007 participants


“School System”

2,253 = retirees and beneficiaries

   501 = active / fully vested

   144 = active / partially vested

   188 = active / non-vested

TOTAL “School System” = approximately 3,086 participants


Firefighters Pension Fund membership

1,012 = fire retirees and beneficiaries

675 = service retirees

137 = disability retirees

200 = beneficiaries receiving benefits

1,054 = active fire employees

1045 = active participants

      7 = deferred vested participants

      2 = deferred beneficiaries

TOTAL Fire = approximately 2,066 participants


Police Officers Pension Fund (POPF) membership

1,823 = active participants

     55 = inactive / deferred vested

1,474 = police retirees (1,273) and beneficiaries receiving benefits (201)

TOTAL  Police = approximately 3,352 participants


Atlanta Fire 2014 3rd Quarter Pension Report

City of Atlanta Firefighters' Pension Plan Website

Firefighter Newsletters


April 2012


February 2012

August 2011


Atlanta Police 2014 4th Quarter Pension Report

Police Officer's Pension Fund Actuarial Valuation as of 7/1/2014

Police Officer's Pension Plan Financial Statements and Supplemental Schedules as of 6/30/2014

City of Atlanta Police Officers' Pension Plan Website

APD Step-by-Step Guide for retiring as a sworn employee

  • Obtain a written pension estimate from the pension fund administrator.
    • They will need a copy of your most recent payroll receipt.
  • Pickup a pension packet from the pension fund administrator with all necessary forms.
    • You can call the pension fund administrator and they will mail a pension packet to you.
  • Complete the forms in the pension packet.
  • Go to the APD’s Personnel Services Unit with the completed pension forms.
  • Go back to the pension fund administrator with the completed pension forms signed by your Payroll Technician and the required documents (i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificates, Social Security cards, and driver’s licenses).
    • You need a copy of your spouse’s birth certificate, Social Security card, and driver’s license.
  • Ask to review your APD personnel files to insure accuracy prior to your last day of employment.
    • Personnel Services Unit file.
    • Unit personnel file (i.e. work site personnel file)
    • Training file
    • OPS file
    • Note: A Background/Recruitment file should also exist.
  • If you expect a payout for unused vacation hours, you should contact your 457 representative about a one time, lump sum contribution to your 457 plan.
    • The City’s Payroll & Pension Office at City Hall (first floor) must be notified, if you chose to do this on one pay check.
    • Do this step 30 – 60 days in advance of your last day of employment.
  • On your last day of employment, return to the APD’s Personnel Services Unit so your Payroll Technician can complete the form with your final numbers (i.e. hourly rate, total hours of unused vacation, total hours of unused sick leave, et cetera).
    • The completed form will be taken to the pension fund administrators so they can compute your actual monthly pension.
  • Remove all personal items from your APD work space.
  • On your last day, turn in all required APD items listed on the Equipment Return Form.
  • Approximately two weeks after your last day of employment, an employee from the City’s Payroll & Pension Office will call you and schedule an exit interview with you.
    • You will receive a City of Atlanta watch at the end of the interview.
  • Approximately one month after the last day of employment, a City employee will call you and schedule a meeting with you regarding your health/dental insurance benefits as a City/APD employee.
  • If you are a member, notify the Police Officer and Annuity Fund of Georgia after your last day of employment.
    • No additional monthly payments are due. The POABF of GA will note your status. You will have to wait until 55 years of age to apply for the monthly benefit.


City of Atlanta General Employees’ Pension Plan Website

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School System/Teachers

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